Proses Produksi Semen Conch

Proses Produksi Semen Conch

Conch Cement production technics adopts advanced new dry process, via Central DCS control system, production process realize the whole automatization from miner exploitation to shipping at the port. Conch Cement make great efforts to go in for the best production, pay more attention to the environment protect as well, strive to carry out the dealing standpoint“creating future life space for humanity”.

1. Miner exploitation system
The technology of limestone miner exploitation is advanced and equipped well with large drilling machine, forklift and transportation vehicles, adopting advanced exploding measures, which fully utilize the limestone by safety and zero waste eliminated production.

2. Raw material crusher system
 Limestone crusher
Pendulum crusher can crush the block limestone utmost 1500mm to below 70mm at one time. The technics is simple, stable and advanced, equipped with dedusting device and keep the environment cleanness and satisfy the requirement of waste excluding.
 Clay crusher
Roller crusher is most applicable to viscidity and humidity material and can crush block clay below 600mm to below 80mm.
 Sandstone crusher
Counterattack crusher with screen equipment is applicable to crush below 600mm block sandstone to less than 70mm.


3. Raw material homogenization and store system
 Limestone prehomogenizing and store
It is better to use rectangle or round prehomogenizing yard.
Heaping and fetching machine can work automatically under the proceeding. After prehomogenizing the chemical composition of limestone is stable.

 Clay or Sandstone homogenization and store system
It is better to use rectangle prehomogenizing yard. Heaping and fetching machine can work automatically under the proceeding according to the character of the mineral.
After prehomogenizing the chemical composition of clay or rock is stable.


4. Raw material mix proportion system
According to the situation of local resource, we can produce mixing proportion by limestone, sandstone, clay and iron material. After prehomogenizing the materials enters in mix  proportion system and exactly compulate and manufactured by advanced electron weighing machine according to cement mixing proportion.

5. Raw material grinding and waste air treatment system
Adopting advanced vertical roll grinding mill equipped with advanced electricity dedusting device and bagged dedusting device. After grinded the quality of raw meal is good and electricity power is low and conform to the environment protect standard.

6. Raw meal homogenization and kiln system
Adopting continuous raw meal homogenization and store system the raw meal shall be homogenized again. The quality of raw meal shall be tracked and inspected through advanced X-Fluorescence. The mixing proportion will be adjusted in time to meet the quality requirement.



7. Clinker calcining, cooling system and waste heat recovery power generation plant (WHG)
Adopting advanced pre-decompose dry kiln cement technology, equipped with self-exploited automatization control procedure, reach stable manufacture and excellent quality, the coal and power consumption can reach to the advance international level. According to the clients’ special requirement the different typies of cement clinker can be produced.

Conch possess own advantages, such as decrease NOX and waste powder, reduce noise and application of frequency conversion technology.

During the production of cement clinker Conch group energetically spread, study and apply new technology of waste heat recovery power generation plant (WHG) which make full use of waste heat of kiln and acquire remarkable fruit accordingly. On the production line of 5000 t/d the generate electricity achieve 40Kwh electricity from unit tonnage clinker which up to international advanced level and gain high reputation interiorly and overseas.


8. Raw coal homogenization, preparation, computation and convey system
 Raw coal homogenization
It is better to adopt rectangle or round prehomogenizing yard and keep the raw coal heaped every cover from the top and fetch the material from the transect.

 Coal powder making system
   Vertical grinding technology
Using the vertical grinding technology in the high-quality coal resource area can get low power consume and good product’s quality, and with the antistatic baggy dust collector, the dust discharge thickness is lower than the National standard’s request greatly. Because the coal is inflammable and easy to explode, the equipment has an automation monitor,auto alarm and  fire protection system which is safe and reliable.

 Ball-milling technology
For inferior coal or anthracite coal which is low quality and low fugacity (as in South China area), we are using the Ball-milling technology which has the advantage in quality control, to increase the contents of inferior coal or anthracite coal, it can both make better use of resources and reduce the cost of cement production.

 Coal powder measure and transport system
During the heat providing process, the ash content is also an important ingredient. Therefore, the precise measurement, continuum adjustable and stable transportation of fine coal are very important control links. So we have chosen international advanced meterage transport equipment to satisfy the producing need.

9. Bulk Clinker transporting system
According to vary needs of the marketplace, we can supply with track, train and ship to satisfy the factory’s need of self-grinding.


10. The cement burden and grinding system
According to requests of different types of cement, first to mix appropriate amount of gypsum and blend materials within clinker that are high-accuracy measured, then the powder is grinded by equipment, and with adjusted and monitored by advanced monitor equipment, it is been produced into good quality cement.
The cement grinding equipment can choose vertical grinding system,the ball-milling system with roll squeezer or ball-milling system with high-effect powder selection machine according to different needs. The grinding mill adopts the high-effect bagged dedusting device, which satisfies the high standard of the environmental protection quest.
The cement production progress adopts the Software that is self-developed by CONCH Group, which is autocontrol and has an outstanding production control parameter, good product quality, high output, low electricity consumes and cost, and is very competitive in the market.

11. Storage and dispatch system of Cement
The grinded cement is stored in the terminal, and after a series of strict chemistry and physical testing, the qualified cement will be sold as the final product. According to the customers’ needs, we can sell in different ways as bulk in track, train and ship or bag in track, train and ship.